MATLAB Lecture Notes

Spring 2003

Lesson #1  -- Introduction to MATLAB, basic commands, arrays

Lesson #2  -- Colons and semicolons, parentheses and brackets, some more basic functions

Lesson #3 -- Element-by-element arithmetic, creating arrays, trig functions

Lesson #4 -- Plotting, creating multiple plots, adding labels and text to plots

Lesson #5 -- Complex numbers and script m-files

Lesson #6 -- Relational and logical operators, flow control

Lesson #7 -- M-files that are MATLAB functions, saving and loading data from disk

Lesson #8 -- Generating random numbers, statistical functions

Lesson #9 -- Polynomial multiplication and division, evaluating polynomials, roots of polynomials

Lesson #10 -- Reading and writing data from/to a file or the screen

Lesson #11 -- Converting numbers between various number bases

Lesson #12 -- Bitwise Operations

Lesson #13 -- Strings

Lesson #14 -- Handle Graphics, The Property Editor, GUIDE (GUI Building)


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